I think schools and community are all tied together, they both need to thrive if we want what is best for all who are involved.

It is important to look at a community as a circle with the schools, businesses, and people who are like a family who have concern for all who are involved.

Due to the increasing level of violence and lack of discipline in our schools, students are compelled to undertake long, tiresome bus journeys to and from schools that provide a safer environment. As a result, students reach home later in the day, compromising their study, extracurricular activities, and family time.

Democrat’s preference for neighborhood schools is motivated by the teacher’s union, and their focus is on promoting the far-left agenda rather than providing quality education to children.

It’s inappropriate to teach sexual education to young kids. It’s an important subject but should be taught to students in Jr high-high school ages.

It is a must to increase the men teachers in our schools, the urban schools are in dire need of role models who are men who can instill some discipline, fun, and guidance.

We have a huge opportunity to invest in our teachers who play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our country. We believe that paying our teachers a fair wage should be at the top of our priority list as a nation. Let us work together to find innovative ways to allocate resources and streamline budgets in order to make this a reality. Imagine a world where our teachers feel valued and appreciated for their work, and their dedication to their field and students shines through. Let’s aim for excellence and make sure our teachers are compensated accordingly. We owe it to our children and future generations to provide them with the best education possible, and that starts by giving back to those who educate them.

Let’s come together to make a positive change in our community. By inviting speakers from the local police department, we can gain valuable insights on what it means to be a productive citizen in our country. They can inspire us with their stories of courage and dedication to serving others, as well as share information on the exciting career opportunities available in law enforcement. We can also invite Firemen and EMT Workers to participate to show gratitude to those who keep us safe. Let’s empower ourselves and learn how we can contribute to making our community a better place.

What I have explained here is just an excerpt of many more things. I go into more detail about these topics and a lot more.  If you would like to read the full version, click here

Friends, the Socialist Democrat Party is winning, because the Republicans have been weak for a long time!  Many of our schools are a mess and many communities are crime-ridden and a disgrace.

We have allowed the Democrats to rule for a long time, that will stop, and they will be exposed and defeated! We must win for our children and grandchildren!