I must say, I love Billboards! Our program will be very successful by just using them the correct way! But we have so much more to offer America.

Our billboards will be honest and persuasive, targeting areas that most Republicans don’t usually venture into to earn votes. With the support of our leaders and supporters, Conservative Wisdom United will inform citizens of the Democrats’ plans and actions that affect Americans.

The Billboards will be factual and truthful, and with the help of our other tools, we will reach our goals of earning 20% of the Black and the majority of the Latino vote by 2024! I am extremely excited about what we will accomplish with the help of millions of Americans!

We will be big and bold in our print and the people will notice!

Here are some examples of Billboards in our big cities:

Crime and Poverty are out of control! Who has been in charge of St. Louis for over 50 years? Democrats! That’s who! Vote Republican for a better way of life!

Vote Republican for a better way of life!! The Democrats are using Black People for their vote! Check out this information. Links with more information!

Are you happy with your living conditions? Why are you voting Democrat and allowing them to herd and corral you? Vote Republican for freedom and a better way of life!

We can be very creative with our Billboards, and we will get people thinking!

I will also be working with Blacks who are Republicans, and we will have Black Leaders in the Black communities dropping flyers, town halls and so much more!


I am very excited about our billboard plan and the great potential to educate others and bring more voters to our side! I need a lot of help, donations, leaders, supporters, enthusiasm, and so much more for a better America for all its citizens.

Republicans believe in equal opportunity and the Democrats believe in equal results