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Conservative versus Liberal

Conservatives believe in personal responsibility, small government, and a strong military.

Personal Responsibility is a character issue and doing the right thing when nobody is watching. It is important to know how to act in public and to take responsibility for your actions.

We are strong supporters of law enforcement and first responders. We believe in the rule of law and being good citizens.

Small government equals more freedom with less restrictions and lower taxes. A big government is an insult because they think they can spend our money better than we can. We are tired of the government butting in and trying to tell us how we must act and to accept actions and culture that is not appropriate. The PC crowd is doing their best to restrict freedom of speech for conservatives, and we are battling back against them.  

We are strong supporters of our military, and we want them to have all the tools they need to destroy our enemies and to keep America safe. We will not tie their hands when they are on the battlefield. We stand for the National Anthem, and we despise those who burn or desecrate our flag.

Now for the liberals and their radical way of thinking on these three subjects.

Liberals really don’t believe in personal responsibility and taking blame for misdeeds. Liberals deal with emotions, and they are always making excuses for those who cross the line; criminals and those who riot, loot, and destroy property. They support terrorist groups like Antifa, BLM, BAMN, Black Panthers and the other radical liberal groups that are anti America. Liberals will not denounce these groups because they all support the Democratic Party.

Law enforcement is not well thought of in the liberal community. The disrespect for the police is apparent to anybody who pays attention. The worst is in the big cities where crime is rampant, and the citizens fail to report the criminals. If a citizen reports the bad guy, they are denounced as snitches! The truth is these areas need the police more than anything and this is where they get very little respect. It makes zero sense because if there were no cops, they would kill each other off over a short period of time.

The Liberals love a huge controlling government that gives them the power over the American People! They love to take advantage of those who are uninformed and only getting their news from the mainstream media and liberal talking heads.

The liberal’s plan is to have as many people on the government dole as possible, so they are dependent and under control all for their vote. This has been their plan for well over 55 years. It is our responsibility to expose them and to make them irrelevant and for them too to constantly face ridicule.  

The liberals for many years have not been a fan of our military. Their initial thought is always blaming our side when in conflict with our enemies. Obama gutted our military, and the rules of engagement gave the enemy an advantage over our troops.

Conservatives believe in equal opportunity and the democrats believe in equal results.

Conservatives believe the pie is expandable and everybody can have a big piece. We desire for all Americans to reach for their goals in life and when they reach them, we applaud and urge them to keep going forward. We are motivators and are constantly encouraging others to succeed in their endeavors. We don’t believe in excuses but hard work and a positive attitude.

Liberals believe the pie is not expandable and that only the rich can have their share. They are constantly griping about how the system is rigged and they have no opportunity to move up the ladder. They fail to look in the mirror and are always making excuses and are always quick to blame others. The liberals are going further left towards socialism and their target is to have more power over Americans.   

Summary: I have always stressed Honesty, Character, and Hard Work. As we go forward, we need to deal with the facts and not be driven by emotions. We need Conservative Politicians who are strong, bold and they need to understand you are not going to be liked by everybody. Here is a favorite quote of mine by Winston Churchill- You have enemies. Good. That means you stood up for something, sometime in your life.

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