You are currently viewing Democrat Elected Politician (We might not vote for you)

Democrat Elected Politician (We might not vote for you)

Why do you use African Americans and others for their vote?

We are tired of you treating us like we are ignorant!

You are dull and boring, and we can’t stand the poor me attitude!

We are tired of being under your thumb and you keeping the expectations low for us!

The Republicans keep talking about the Big Cities being run by the Democrats and all the crime and corruption. Many of us are looking around and thinking, what has the democrat party done for our lives. We are waking up to the democrat party and it is not good for you!

Why are you allowing the Socialist to move our party to the extreme left? Many of us are moderates and we will not support the direction of the party.

Most of us are not happy with the riots, looting and tearing down historical statues.

We need our cops because we know there will be a huge increase in crime if they are defunded or abolished.

We are seeing democrat politicians who are power hungry and will go into the sewer to get votes.

Democrat Politicians come to the middle or many of us will go to the Republican Party!

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