This is a difficult job for awesome individuals who need brains and passion for people!  They are like all our other first responders who are out there every day busting their rears and making difficult decisions.

Their responsibilities and ability to make quick decisions is something to admire. Most people, including myself couldn’t do what these people are doing in their workday!

They need to be strong like all first responders, with the ability to not allow difficult situations to affect their mental attitude. When they arrive on the scene, most people don’t see what they take in every day, and the strength it takes to keep going when the going gets tough.

Ill never forget what I saw several years ago on the way home. There was a bad accident going east bound with a tractor trailer rear ending a car, next to the car was a child car seat. I think about this periodically, like I’ve said before I was never cut out to be a first responder, but I don’t feel alone.

I would love to see everybody stop and talk to our first responders and thank them for what they do!