Hollywood Elite

Hollywood and its influence on Americans with its culture and politics.

I have seen a transformation of Hollywood going from creative, funny, adventurous, and for the entire family to enjoy. As time went forward it became more of a combination of adults and young people. The language became rougher, and the scripts were more of an adult theme. These movies were accepted by most Americans because there were still movies for young people.


We primarily use Netflix and Prime Video for our movie and TV entertainment. While we have enjoyed some great shows with talented actors, we haven’t been keeping up with the latest blockbusters in the theaters. I have noticed a lot of family dysfunction, deceit, corruption, and profanity in the entertainment we watch. Although I believe in our freedoms, I recommend Netflix specifically for those seeking solace from family drama. Nevertheless, they do offer many informative documentaries that are worth watching. My reservation is that frequent use of coarse language by actors can normalize such behavior in real life, especially among young people. I see this happening quite often, without gender bias.

When it comes to television viewing years ago, the language was family oriented, and the shows were excellent. Here are some of my favorites (All in the Family, Jeffersons, Taxi, Leave it to Beaver, Rawhide, Andy Griffith, Gunsmoke, F- Troop, Sanford and Son, and many more)

The only TV I watch on the networks is the local news. I see commercials for different shows and I’m thinking people are watching this, no wonder our country is in a mess!   I started noticing foul language and junk being shown on the networks over 20 years ago.

One of the worse TV shows of all time was (The Jerry Springer Show) and it was on for 27 seasons! I couldn’t even watch it for entertainment, it showed the lowest of life, and they never failed to get people to come on, and people to show up and watch it live.  

Our children and young people watch television, and they think it is reality. Then they go to school and get indoctrinated, by educators who are overwhelmingly democrat!  

The television shows from years ago remind me of a time when strong men and good fathers were the norm. My heart fills with nostalgia at the mere mention of shows like My Three Sons, Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best, Lost in Space, Andy Griffith, and The Brady Bunch. And how could I forget those memorable fathers with their endearing quirks; Archie Bunker from All in the Family, George Jefferson from The Jeffersons, Al Bundy from Married with Children, Ray Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond, and Fred Sanford from Sanford and Son. Although flawed, they were still entertaining to watch.  

It breaks my heart that society today portrays men and fathers as losers, liars, druggies, cheaters, and drunks. I long for the days when men were seen as good role models and leaders, especially for their families. As an American man of action, I vow to ensure that issues dealing with the males in our society will always be on the front burner.

As I watched “Courageous” a few years ago, it made me realize that I could have been a better father to my children. While it’s easy to dwell on past mistakes, I am proud to see that my kids have grown up with honesty, character, and a strong work ethic. The movie inspired me to strive to be a better parent and to continue instilling these values in my children.

“Courageous” is a heartwarming movie that I highly recommend. It tells the story of four police officers and the impact that their families have on their work. It showcases the importance of family and standing up for what is right.

While there may be some political undertones in the industry, it’s important to remember that we have the power to make our own choices and beliefs. Let’s focus on the positive messages in movies like “Courageous” and use them as inspiration to strive to be the best versions of ourselves.

Have you noticed that there’s been a big push towards wokeness, equity, and diversity lately? It seems like it’s everywhere – in commercials, movies, TV shows – you name it! It’s part of an effort to make things more inclusive and fair, but some people think that it’s causing problems. They believe that standards are being lowered in areas like the military, medical schools, and academia. The Democrat party and a lot of their supporters seem to be all for it, but there are many folks out there who don’t know about what’s going on because of the influence of academia, media, and Hollywood. It’s important to spread the word and get the facts out there so that everyone knows what’s happening. We might even be able to change some minds if we can show them the truth!

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