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I supported President Trump in 2016 and 2020!

I want a candidate that will not attack inside our circle and throw away votes. He can’t help himself, it’s in his genes, and a terrible strategy.

President Trump should have stayed out of the race and supported the winner in our primary. His job would have been to keep his voting block Republican and being a Political Surrogate. If he had done this, his strong supporters would have applauded wildly!

I have seen polls with support for President Trump, about 76% Republican and 23% Independent, this is not good at all. He is throwing Red Meat to his strong supporters, who are already in his back pocket, but they will start dropping off. President Trump is counting on his loyal voters, he can’t win with just them, he needs to gain voters, not throw them away.  We are going down a very dark path as we go forward, because 2024 should be a Red Wave for the good guys!   

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