You are currently viewing Joe Manchin can win as an independent in 2024 if the other candidates are Biden and Trump.

Joe Manchin can win as an independent in 2024 if the other candidates are Biden and Trump.

I have felt for a long time Biden would pull an LBJ and not go for reelection. His own party doesn’t want him to run, they are in a panic mode. But as bad as he is, they know he can still beat Trump.
Trump is losing support every day because of his personal attacks against fellow Republicans. Trump and his strong supporters rant and call those who support another Republican Rinos.
Manchin is considered a moderate Democrat by some, but he is to the left of center. He does butt heads with the Socialist Democrats because he’s not with the looney left. Republicans have tried to entice him to come over to the GOP, with no success.
If he runs, he will plant his butt in the middle and go for the Democrats who have common sense and the Republicans who wont support Trump. This will be a very tight race and he can potentially pull it off.
If Biden pulls an LBJ, Manchin will be going against the Democrat bench which is full of Socialists. I don’t think he can win in a Democrat primary because the party is mainly far left loons.
Another scenario is if Ron DeSantis wins the Republican Primary over Trump, DeSantis can bring home a winner for the Republican Party, because he will bring in a majority of Hispanic voters. We will also work to bring in 20% of the Black vote. DeSantis will also bring voters to our down ballot, which Trump can’t do.
One big problem is the Trumpers, many of them have said Trump or nobody. I think it is mainly talk with many of them, but there will be some that will sit it out!
I give the democrats credit they will circle the wagons and support whoever wins their primary, mainly if its Trump. They have the advantage over us because they are active, and they have The Big Three! (Academia, Media, and The Hollywood Elite)
Conservative Wisdom United will be going after The Big Three and exposing them along with the Democrat Party. It is a must for Patriots to become members and put a stop to the Socialist Democrat Party!
The Republican Party is a divided mess, with Trump attacking inside our circle and his strong supporters mimicking him. To these supporters Trump can do no wrong, they will jump off a cliff for him. We should have a red wave in 2024, but I don’t see it happening. On our bench we have several candidates that will give us a red wave, but it won’t happen unless Trump drops out, I don’t see that happening.
I’m all in with Ron DeSantis he’s fiery, conservative, family man, he takes action, and doesn’t have the baggage of Trump. If DeSantis is our candidate, I will work my rear off along with Conservative Wisdom United to have a red wave in 2024! We will work to bring in 20% of the Black vote and most of the Hispanic vote.
If Manchin decides to throw his hat in the ring, he needs to act real soon. A problem with Joe is he will be 76 next month, can you imagine the three of them out campaigning. With that being said, Biden is by far the worse off mentally.

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