Military trainer giving training to military soldier

Just out of high school, I went to the Marine recruiting office, to check things out.

We talked for several minutes and then I said I have Epilepsy; will that keep me out?  I’m sure you can guess what he said, so I got up and walked out.

Our military, like our police officers, is having a very difficult time recruiting and hiring. The main culprit is the democrats with their dislike and no respect for what they do for our country.

The primary purpose of our military is to train our soldiers and eliminate any threats from our enemies. We need to focus on protecting America and our Allies. The present administration’s policies appear to be about lowering standards. This also seems to be occuring in our medical schools, which is concerning to some. Equality is important, however, it should not come at the expense of lowering standards.

The military has traditionally been a respected career choice for many families, but recent changes in leadership have caused concerns for some individuals. The current administration’s ideology has led to uncertainty and discomfort among certain groups who feel that the country’s strength and values have been compromised. Many families have a proud history of serving in the military, but some worry that this may no longer be possible given recent political changes. These concerns are shared by a number of people and require thoughtful consideration and discussion.

When you see soldiers in your everyday life, it is important to have a conversation and Thank them for what they do for our country! 

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