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Motivation and high expectations will be at the top of our list.

I am tired people complaining and blaming others for their problems, then not being successful.  There will be none of that here because we believe in strong individuals working hard and taking full responsibility for their actions. Everyday needs to be a time for action, whether it is learning, education, working, creating, and just plain doing your best to better yourself and those around you.

We have lowered expectations on many subjects when we should be raising the standards. Each generation is supposed to learn from the previous generation whether it is triumphs or failures. We are currently failing, and we are excited to be of assistance to turn back this trend.

Along with motivation and high expectations comes the truth. What I mean is not everybody is going to be a major league baseball player or a player in the NFL. That goes along with the medical fields and those occupations that take a lot of brain power. We must be honest with each other and our children. Those that say you can be whatever you want to be are not being factual. Heck, I wanted to be a major league baseball player and that wasn’t even close to happening.

There is a big challenge for young people today and in the future with robotics and other technology. I suggest to young people to cover your tail and to be qualified to go into several directions and to keep improving yourself with education, trades or just learning.

Summary Our mission is to motivate all Americans to be the best they can be! We will do this with billboards, our members and with our actions. I am looking forward to many programs that will reward those that go above

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