Charges against criminals need to be ratchet up to protect law enforcement.

Over the last two to three decades, America’s condition has deteriorated. A minority of individuals have developed an anti-police sentiment, and it is on the rise. This group is being guided by Democrat politicians, Democrat black leaders, and the mainstream media. As a result, crime has reached alarming levels in our cities and is spreading to neighboring regions that were once safe.

We need to act urgently as we have allowed liberal voices to dictate our policies. This has put law enforcement at a disadvantage against criminals due to liberal district attorneys and democratic politicians who prioritize the well-being of law-breakers. Additionally, citizens in these areas who do not report wrongdoings and parents who do not teach their children right from wrong should also take responsibility.

Conservative Wisdom United will be active in this area, with rewarding citizens who take action to help a good guy or a cop, against a bad guy. I will need Americans to email me information, so a citizen can be recognized, for being active!  

It is crucial to remain calm and respectful when getting pulled over by an officer. By provoking an argument or being combative, you are only inviting trouble and increasing the likelihood of a lawsuit. Therefore, it’s important to comply with the officer’s instructions and keep your hands visible. You should address the officer as “Sir” or “Ma’am” and respond politely and respectfully. Shouting or causing a scene will only escalate the situation and could result in consequences. Remember, it’s vital to be polite and cooperative with law enforcement to ensure a smooth and safe interaction.

Since we have some people who fail to teach right from wrong to their children, we need to stiffen the laws to keep law abiding people safe, along with our officers.  

When people see a cop going the extra mile for their community, I want to hear about it!

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