Ron DeSantis Plan with Conservative Wisdom United to win the presidency in 2028!

Are you a dedicated Ron DeSantis supporter? We need your passion and commitment for the most crucial election in our lifetime – 2028 is our time to shine! It’s not enough to simply cast your vote; it’s time to take action!

We’re searching for enthusiastic Ron DeSantis backers with a strong following and the will to roll up their sleeves for a victorious 2028 campaign. As a token of our appreciation, a limited number of individuals who meet our criteria will receive a Free Legacy Membership with Conservative Wisdom United!

🌟 What's at Stake? 🌟

This election will determine the path our nation takes. Will we head left into socialism, rising crime, open borders, high taxes, and a culture that falls short of our American ideals? Or will we choose to go right, embracing the values that make America great? We stand for Free Speech, limited government, a robust military, secure borders, personal responsibility, lower energy prices, unwavering support for law enforcement, and a culture we can all proudly call American.

🔒 Secure Your Future with Us 🔒

Join Conservative Wisdom United and be a part of the change you want to see in our great nation. Together, we can make a difference in 2024!

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Our members with some work, can make some extra money each month, and potentially a lot more. Plus, you will be involved directly with helping to save America for our children and grandchildren! All you need to do is use our marketing piece on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Are you ready to be part of something special? Apply today for a Free Lifetime Membership with Conservative Wisdom United and become a cherished member of our Legacy Lifetime Membership circle.

🌟 What's in it for You? 🌟

Our Legacy Lifetime Membership comes with an abundance of perks and benefits that are truly awesome. However, please note that we can only accommodate a limited number of members, and there are specific criteria that must be met.
One of the outstanding benefits of this membership is a commission for successfully recruiting new members. You can even work your way toward a complimentary vacation and more. As a valued Member, you can find all the details under “Get Involved”.
Don’t forget to explore our “Member Perks,” “Rewards/Commissions” sections – you’re in for a pleasant surprise. As a bonus, you’ll receive a free copy of our eBook: “Knock Out Liberalism and Keep Our Country Strong for ALL Americans.” Plus, you can dive into another short eBook: “The Strategy that will cause the Democrats to PANIC!”

📚 Knowledge is Power! 📚

We encourage all our members to invest some time reading our eBooks and thoroughly exploring our website. At Conservative Wisdom United, we’re done with inaction, and we’re on the lookout for like-minded individuals who are ready to take action.

🤝 Join the Strategy Team! 🤝

If you’re tired of seeing Democrats win on policy and culture, we want you on our strategy team! Your opinions matter, and we value diverse perspectives. We’re looking for both moderates and conservatives who can engage in respectful discussions about the critical issues facing our country.
Every Legacy Member will be expected to participate in our program and help recruit new members using our simple marketing plan. You can also get involved in our informative and hard-hitting podcasts, which will reach audiences all across America.

📝 Opportunities Await! 📝

As we grow, we’ll be seeking Legacy Members to become writers for us, providing additional earning opportunities. There will be more chances to get involved and receive recognition for your contributions.

Join us at Conservative Wisdom United and be part of the change you want to see in our great nation!

Attention Patriots! Time to Secure America's Future for Generations to Come! 🔔

Conservative Wisdom United is sounding the alarm on the imminent threat posed by The Big Three – Academia, Media, and The Hollywood Elite. For years, we’ve been raising our voices against their influence, and now, we urgently need YOU to join the fight.

🔦 Shedding Light on the Darkness 🌑

The Big Three serves as a massive megaphone for the Socialist Democrat Party, driving our great nation towards a perilous path. Their aim? To turn America into a Socialist Sewer, consolidating power at the expense of our freedoms.

📚 Education Under Siege 📚

Our education system, from K-12 through universities, is under attack. Democrats are molding young minds with a distorted perspective that denounces success, patriotism, family values, law and order, military service, and individual responsibility. It's time for us to be organized, active at school board meetings, and vigilant on college campuses.

🔍 Unmasking the Media Bias 🔍

The Mainstream Media is a mouthpiece for the Democrat Party, safeguarding their agenda while peddling socialism, lowering standards, and undermining law enforcement. The riots of 2020 were downplayed, and vital information was swept under the rug. It's time for us to be the voices of truth, bridging the gap for Democrats and Independents who may stand with us when shown the facts.

🌐 Staying Informed to Strategize 🌐

Our commitment to researching from all perspectives is non-negotiable. To defeat the enemy, we must understand their mindset. The media, driven by ratings, must not dictate our narrative. We'll bring common sense and persuasion to unite Americans against the looming darkness.

🌟 Hollywood's Cultural Decline 🌟

Hollywood has become a megaphone for liberal policies, driving our culture down a dark path. Award shows once celebrated class and entertainment, but now they’re marred by political rants that alienate many Americans. TV shows and movies are reshaping values, eroding the importance of family and respect for authority.

🛡️ Mobilizing for Change 🛡️

Conservative Wisdom United is ready to take on The Big Three with an arsenal of Hard-Hitting Billboards, Protests, Phone Calls, Ads, and other strategic initiatives. We refuse to settle for band-aid solutions – it’s time for real action to save our country.

🗳️ Your Vote, Your Power 🗳️

Join us as a voting block for the Republican Party. We demand representatives who will fiercely battle to safeguard America from the Socialist Democrat Party and The Big Three.

US Together, We Will Prevail!

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