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The American Media is controlling Americans and the effect on the Presidential Election of 2024

The American Media is controlling Americans and the effect on the Presidential Election of 2024.

The media has had a slant to the Left, for many years, it is important for them to be called out, along with the Pro Trump Media. The situation is of the utmost of importance, as we proceed to elect our next president.

I’m a political and news junkie who researches from the far left to the far right and all in between. Politics has been very important to me since I was a young teenager, as I scoured through our local liberal and conservative newspapers and listened to others so I would be informed. Currently I watch Fox, CNN, and read Democrat and Republican articles.

Our media is doing its part in turning Americans against each other, and the repercussion could very easily get nasty. Both sides are dug in, and most are only hearing what they want to hear. I see it all the time, from people who don’t take the time to research and can only rant and get vile. These people are the worse because they just mimic Trump or the Democrat Politicians, and they think they are an authority on politics.

I do have others who are willing to debate my comments and articles, they are very appreciated. There are those who deny the facts, then what I do is explain and question them on their source, we can then go back and forth.

CNN is all about negative news about Trump, most will be Factual, but with the CNN truth. People who research need to know this information so they will be knowledgeable. They go into detail on his court proceedings with analysis, which will support what their viewers are wanting to hear. The experts on CNN will explain how Trump has broken the law and needs to pay for his misdeeds. We go over to Fox with their experts explaining how Trump is innocent of any wrongdoing. You can’t make this up!

CNN headline about Bidens speech (Biden projects a vision of strength that’s been missing from his presidency but will be needed in 2024 campaign). CNN thinks they are complimenting him, but they say he’s been missing strength from his presidency.  

Fox News headline about Bidens speech (Biden assails ‘predecessor’ Trump, GOP in sharply partisan State of the Union speech) You can see the difference in reporting, with the headlines.

CNN, MSNBC, and the others are cherry picking the news, to satisfy their viewers. CNN and the MSM are mouth pieces for the democrat party, they slant their commentary, but I will say they will have some guests with opposing views.

Fox news is on the most part all in with Trump, when they stray Donald attacks them, to get them straight. I used to enjoy Fox and Friends First on the weekend, but I got tired of hearing Rachel say Donald Trump. Fox is basically a mouthpiece for Trump, and he doesn’t see it, because he wants total control over the media. 

Truth Social is not about the truth, I found out, I can’t log in anymore. I would write comments or share one of my articles, these people were all over me, many came out and said this is a President Trump support group.  I found out quickly it was just a love fest for Trump! I never got vile or cussed, my desire was to debate and hopefully have some intelligent conversation.


The purpose of this article is to try to instill in voters on both sides to do some research and to not trust one party or one person.  The problem is Americans are being herded and corralled, they smile, and think they are informed.

We then get to people who attack the other side but ignore the many problems of their side. Many of these people only want to hear what they want to hear. They refuse to research, and they think they are informed!

As we get closer to November 5, Americans will be inundated with campaign ads, and a lot of rhetoric. Both sides will be doing their best to attack the other side and to promote their terrible candidate.

Trump and his people have attacked independent thinking Republicans, who they need for support. Trump even said he didn’t need anymore votes, as some supporters clapped. Maga has no idea how to run a campaign, all they do is talk about 2020, and have Trump as a Superhero, Religious Figure, and even Santa Claus.  Trump goes on stage with his head tilted back looking down at his admirers and speaks about how great he is, attacks Republicans, and praises Dictators.

Conservative Wisdom United will be promoting Ron DeSantis, our best candidate since President Reagan to take charge in 2028! We will be working our down ballot to counter Biden and his socialist agenda in the 2024 election, as we build our organization. Conservative Wisdom United will be giving special attention to these important issues!

Conservative Wisdom United will be giving special attention to these important issues! – Conservative Wisdom United

Let’s get after it for our Children, Grandchildren and America!

Thank you

Bob Brown

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