You are currently viewing Trump and Biden not a good fit for Americans, for many reasons!

Trump and Biden not a good fit for Americans, for many reasons!

Trump has his Magadonians and Biden has the Socialist, leading him around. They both have many problems, and each side calls out the other side but ignores the issues with their guy. Biden is obviously not up to par physically and mentally, it was obvious when he ran for office, he is getting worse and some of the Democrats want to dump him. Trump is a lot better off than Biden, but that’s not saying much. Trump butchers up the English language, like a 4th grader, but his supporters still applaud him wildly.        

Let’s discuss Trump and his Magadonians, these people are anywhere from 30%-40% of the Republican Party. This is a huge voting block that will support Trump no matter how his legal problems go or anything else popping up.

The problem is our candidates need to tip toe around and not hit on Trump, because he will attack them with personal insults or childish nicknames. The Magadonians are all on board and will follow his lead, and they can be a rough bunch.

Just think what our country will go through if Trump wins the presidency.  You think it was a circus in his first term, it will be constant chaos and the Magadonians will support Trump even if its obvious he crossed the line.

How can Trump be our president when his lawyers are fighting in our court system. I don’t see how he can handle all the personal problems and the pressure of the presidency. It will cause him even more family problems and many issues within his administration.    

The division in our country will cause a lot of problems and it will come from Democrats and Republicans. The GOP supporters are tired of personal attacks and childish nicknames. Trump can’t stop making fun of people and making a fool of himself. It’s in his genes and not showing the good character that is needed for a leader. Having poor character doesn’t mean anything to the Magadonians, they just shrug, and go along with him.     

I think there will be a good chance of violence coming from the Democrats it will hit a boiling point with many Americans. They will cross the line with their socialism, wokeness and with The Big Three (Academia, Media, and The Hollywood Elite) on their side, they will push hard.

Trump will have a plate that will be running over, and it will affect all Americans. It’s obvious Trump loves chaos, causing division and being the center of attention. We will be going after each other and blaming the other side for our problems.

Trump should have stayed out of the race and supported the winner in our primary. His job would have been to keep his voting block Republican and being a Political Surrogate. If he had done this, his strong supporters would have applauded wildly!

Then we get to Biden and the Socialist Democrat Party and their many problems. We no longer have the Democrat Party of JFK or even Clinton. This organization is all about Control, Power, and fooling as many people as possible.

The Biden family is dirty, all the proof was held back, by the Democrat Organizations, and Individuals. The MSM is in with the Democrat Party and have been for many years.  This was typical Democrat strategy of fooling as many voters as possible. Biden and the Democrat Party wants to keep the bar low, to have control and power over its citizens.

If Biden gets a second term and congress, they will go full force towards socialism! They have been going in this direction since President Johnson in 1964!

We don’t want High Gas Prices, Inflation, Anti-law Enforcement, Open Borders, Crime, Looking Weak, Lowering Standards, Wokeness, CRT and The Big Three (Academia, Media, and The Hollywood Elite)

We can’t allow Biden and the Socialist Democrats to have full control over us politically! We must work down ballot like we have never done before.  

I think our country may explode with very serious problems if we don’t get active for our children and grandchildren. Our forefathers are very disappointed in us for allowing the Socialist Democrats to walk all over us and all we do is Witch!

We have a candidate in Ron DeSantis who will bring voters to our side instead of throwing away votes and insulting fellow Republicans. DeSantis and the Republican Party will be going to areas they usually stay away from, we have goals of 20% of the Black vote and most Hispanic votes in 2024. Check out this important data from his 2022 run for governor, you will be very impressed. Analyzing the data: DeSantis wins by largest margin of any Fla. governor in 40 years (

DeSantis is a straight shooter who has the fire to get after The Socialist Democrats, and The Big Three! (Academia, Media, and The Hollywood Elite) He will be able to bring Republican voters to the down ballot, which Trump can’t possibly do, because of his many problems.

Look at the action taken by DeSantis in our recent Hurricanes, he is a very organized man who knows how to handle disasters. He is a master of delegating responsibilities and getting people to work together.

All Americans should be impressed with his biography, accolades, and ability. Take some time and go through what he has done so far in his life. Ron DeSantis – Wikipedia

Many Republicans are tired of the Trump Circus and him attacking inside our circle. A lot of us supported Trump in 2016 and 2020, we see his actions and understand he can’t win in the general. He has alienated many people, including Republicans and Independents. His constant whining, narcissism, and his huge ego turns off a lot of people, and some may not even vote, but will work like heck on the down ballot!  

I am the eternal optimist, but I will say, if DeSantis is not our next president, we will keep going down a very dark path. This election is extremely important, do we go to the dark path on the left with socialism, another path which leads to chaos and court proceedings, or the cleared off path to the right for Ron DeSantis a man of Character, Family Man, Fighter, and a Real Conservative who Loves America!  

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