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We Work!! We Win!!

The reason we have so many problems in our country is because the democrats are out working us on the political end, led by the democrat politicians. They are a ruthless bunch that will do or say what it takes to get votes. They are going even further left towards socialism, as their supporters dance with joy.

The democrat supporters have been influenced by The Big Three (Media, Academia, and The Hollywood Elite) they have been herded and corralled over the last 55 years and all Republican supporters do is gripe on Facebook. Our political leaders are afraid of speaking up and we now see the outcome in our country.

The PC Police is out to limit our Freedom of Speech and they will be reckoned with at every corner. The democrats believe in freedom of speech until we disagree with them and then they get hateful or violent.

The Socialist Democrat Party with their Sick Culture and pushing CRT, Equity, Transgenders, Drag Shows and Diversity down our throats, needs to be hit hard all over America! All of this, is about Lowering our Standards, being Compliant, Division, and Indoctrination! 

I don’t know about you, but I am mad, disappointed, frustrated, and shocked about the lack of action and urgency on our side. It seems to me we are satisfied with little wins and band aid solutions. We keep thinking in these terms, we will lose big in the near future, and it will keep going downhill. 

No more complacency and talking like you are tough! It is time to rattle the cage of the democrats!

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