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What Does The Word “RINO” Mean?

Let me explain the word RINO to the electorate, so we are all on the same page.

RINO stands for (Republican in name only) this word is thrown around by some Republicans as the biggest insult you can give to a politician. I see it all the time and the people saying it really think it is helping our party. The people who are throwing out RINO at every corner are in our circle, but they are misguided, and I will attempt to explain it in some detail.
We have states and districts which run from the far left to the far right and all in between. It is important to understand this, so we can strategize, and win as many elections as possible. We also need to know a conservative cannot win the District of Columbia, California, Oregon, Massachusetts, and Washington State. But we can win some districts once we understand we can’t throw away votes by attacking inside our circle and ranting about the RINOS.
Conservatives need to accept not all people have the same views as us. It is important for our voters to understand their state or district and what it takes to win. Conservative Wisdom United will get the facts out and educate Americans about the benefit of being a conservative Republican. We will be working the Blue States with our hard-hitting billboards and other ads.
Take some time and check out CPAC, and Heritage Action for America they give conservative ratings for our Republican Politicians.
We all need to know our district, state and what it takes to win. We all call Romney a RINO and he is definitely a moderate. Do you realize when people call him a RINO, you are also insulting his voters. We need these voters on our side to bring in more. It is important to quit calling all Republicans RINOS, it gets thrown out by those who just rant to make their points.
We will have moderates in our party because of their district or state. They are part of our party, whether we like it or not. I can’t stress enough the importance of educating the electorate to bring voters to our side.
This is what we must do, and we must stick with it. Run a conservative against the moderate and whoever wins the primary, we all go out and support!
We also need to remember President Reagan and the 11th Commandment, some of us don’t understand this and keep attacking inside our circle and throwing away votes. It is a must to stop the ranting and childish antics, coming from some Republicans.
It is important to understand the Evil of the Democrat Party, and to support whoever our candidate is for president and down ballot.

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