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What would the outcome be if Trump decided not to run for office in 2024?

This is what trump should have done early 2023 to give Republicans an opportunity to have a Red Wave in 2024.

Trump should have called a news conference about an important announcement that dealt with his future and 2024.

Trump- I have made my decision about running for the presidency in 2024, I have discussed this with Melania and my family. We have all agreed it would be best for all of us that I would concentrate my efforts on being with my family and assisting the Republican Party from the sideline to a Red Wave in 2024!

I am excited about the future for America, after we get Sleepy Joe out of The White House and have both houses! I will do my best to have my very loyal supporters in the Republican camp, in 2024 and beyond.

I am prepared to roll up my sleeves and hit the Democrats with a right cross and do what it takes to win every race. I have discussed my plans with Ronna McDaniel Chairwoman of the RNC, I will be giving them some advice and campaign where I am needed. She is very excited about the possibilities of having the Republican Party all together and pulling in the same direction!

We all know Trump would never have phrased it like this, it would have been all about him, plus he would never play second fiddle to help the Republicans and America.  

Can you imagine what this would have done for the Republican Party and America! All of us working together for a Red Wave in 2024, the Socialist Democrats would have had a fit. They would have been Name Calling, Ranting, and Going Berserk.

We would be able to put a stop to the socialist takeover of America! This is a must, because we are currently losing on policy and culture to the Democrats, and it needs to be called out and stopped!

We probably would have had Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, and Glenn Youngkin throw their hats in the ring. The debates would have been very interesting discussing different views, and not personal insults and childish nicknames.

We would pick our candidate and we would all work to expose and defeat the Democrats and The Big Three! (Academia, Media, and The Hollywood Elite) I have so much strategy to share, that will bring us a Red Wave, but we need Ron DeSantis to be our candidate.        

Some of us had hope Trump would think about America, and not his own personal desires. I thought there was a chance of him not running but I was wrong, and we are now in a situation that is not in our favor.

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