Why Conservative?

The Liberal Democrats advocate for a strong government with control over the citizens. This has been their longstanding objective and they often exploit emotions rather than facts to promote their agenda. The Republicans are at fault for not speaking up against this insincere messaging.

The Big Three (Academia, Media, and the Hollywood Elite) are part of the liberal Democrat team which Republicans allowed to grow out of control.

The Liberal Democrat tent is full of Pro Abortion, BLM, Antifa, BAMN, New Black Panthers, ACLU, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, Gay Groups, Move On, Naral, Hate, The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, Atheist, NAACP, SEIU, ACLU, Jealousy, Socialism, Communism, Southern Poverty Law Center and so much more. Do some research and check out the groups and others like them.

The Black Community has been utilized by the Democratic Party since the mid-sixties when President Johnson was in office. It’s concerning to see the Democrats take them for granted, while Black individuals continue to support the Party’s messaging.

Conservative Republicans advocate for policies like Small Government, Strong Military, and Personal Responsibility while Liberal Democrats hold differing beliefs. Conservative Republicans deal with the facts and the truth, and they oppose the far-left agenda of the Liberal Democrats.

We believe in Freedom of Speech, God, Second Amendment, Anti Abortion, Pro Business, First Responders, Family, Strong Fathers, Capitalism, Free Enterprise, Believe in People not a Big Government, Success for all Americans, Being a Proud American and Standing for our Flag!

It is time to make a choice. Check both parties out and after some research you will understand what the democrats are doing to this country. Conservative Wisdom United wants to fight for a better country for all Americans!
May God Bless you. Now let’s work together !